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A short time later, Charlie Brown finds his mailbox empty of Christmas cards and sarcastically, meaning apathetically, thanks Violet for the card she never sent him, but Violet just uses the opportunity to put Charlie Brown down again. Feeling dejected, Charlie Brown visits Lucy in her psychiatric booth. Lucy, after attempting to label him with various phobias and admitting she wants real estate as a Christmas gift, determines that Charlie Brown needs more involvement to combat his depression. She recommends that he direct a Christmas play. Charlie Brown is excited at the chance to direct, and Lucy promises to help him. On his way to the auditorium, Charlie Brown finds Snoopy decorating his doghouse for a neighborhood lights and display contest, and laments that even his dog is focusing on the commercial aspects of Christmas. Continuing onward, he runs into his sister Sally, who asks him to write her letter to Santa Claus. When she hints at having an extremely long and specific list of requests, and says she will accept money as a substitute ("tens and twenties," a massive amount for a child of Sally's age in the 1960s), Charlie Brown becomes even more dismayed.